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The FPCP conference is hosted by groups that are expressing an interest in doing so. There is an open call for proposals about 2½ years before the conference will take place and the location is announced at the conference two years prior. So as an example at the 2019 conference in Victoria, it was announced that the 2021 conference will be at Foudan University. The conference is usually rotated between the regions of the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia/Oceania on three year rotation schedule. FPCP 2022 is expected to be hosted in the Americas, 2023 in Europe/Africa and 2024 in Asia/Oceania.

Call to host FPCP 2022

We are contacting you to invite expressions of interest from members of your collaboration or community to host the Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP) conference in 2022. We ask that you forward this message to potential hosts of the conference, as broadly as you deem reasonable.

FPCP 2022 will review the status of near-future and longer-term experiments. The scope of FPCP includes topics such as CP violation, rare decays, flavor universality, top physics, neutrino oscillations, lepton-flavor and lepton-number violation, exotic hadrons, and the flavor structure of physics beyond the Standard Model.

The next FPCP conference will take place at Illa da Toxa, Calicia, Spain, on June 8-12, 2020 (, and the 2021 conference will be at the Fudan University, Shanghai, China. For the 2022 conference, preference will be given to a site in North or South America. Traditionally, the conference is held in the second half of May, although other times will receive due consideration.

We hope that members of your institutes would like to host the conference. The schedule for site selection is as follows:
• March 6, 2020: Deadline for submission of expression of interest (EOI). To submit an EOI, please email Toru Iijima at, with a short message stating your intention to submit a proposal. While later EOIs will be accepted, experience shows that it takes well over a month to prepare a strong proposal.
• May 1, 2020[UE2] : Deadline for full proposal submission. Instructions on putting together a strong proposal will be provided after submission of an EOI.
• June 11, 2020: Decision on selected host announced during FPCP 2020.
The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) selected to host FPCP 2022 will be responsible for all aspects of the conference, including the physics program, logistics, funding, and social program. The International Advisory Committee (IAC) will serve as a resource, providing guidance and input to the LOC to ensure a successful conference. Proposal submitters are strongly encouraged to attend FPCP 2020.

Please see the websites for examples of arrangements and programs of recent FPCP conferences. They are linked from


Francesca Di Lodovico, Toru Iijima (chair), Robert Kowalewski
FPCP 2022 Site Recommendation Subcommittee
FPCP International Advisory Committee